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Are Snapchat Planets not Working? Know The Solution, Here is the Information

Through a paid plan, Snapchat is a feature-packed messaging app. It gives power users access to experimental, pre-release, and exclusive features. Snapchat Plus has many features. The Friend Solar System is one. It lets you rank and map your nearby friends. Snapchat is on the desktop. But, checking your solar system is only on iOS and Android phones. Please keep reading to learn about Snapchat planets, their order, and their meaning. You’ll also learn a trick to check your place in your friend’s snapchat planet.

What is the Friend Solar System on Snapchat?

Snapchat’s operation is similar to that of the actual solar system. It’s your solar system wherever you are. The Sun besides the close planets are your best clusters on Snapchat. For example, the first planet is Mercury. It is known for your best friend. You share messages and streaks with them.

There are eight worlds in your Snapchat solar system. All planets are graded on how close you are to your friends. The app assigns Venus to your second-best friend. It goes to Neptune, which is for your eighth-best friend. It’s a relaxed and fun way to check your best friends onstage.

Snapchat planets order explained

What is snapchat planet?

The order of globes in your Snapchat solar system is similar to our solar system. Let’s look over every Snapchat planet in uphill order.

  • Mercury: Your closest friend on the stage and the first planet in your Snapchat solar system. Frequently, when you chat and share snaps with someone, Snapchat allows the Mercury planet with some red hearts in the solar system.
  • Venus: Your second-closest friend besides the second world in your solar system. Your friend’s bitmoji has numerous pink, yellow, and blue hearts. If you attract your second-closest friend more frequently, Snapchat may allot the Mercury planet to the person.
  • Earth: Your third-best friend on Snapchat. Snapchat displays a natural satellite (the Moon) that types it recognizable to others.
  • Mars: Your fourth-closest friend. The app displays it as a red planet with several leads and blue and purple heart emojis about it.
  • Jupiter: Your fifth-best friend. Jupiter looks like an orange planet with red tints.
  • Uranus: Your seventh-closest friend. Using you to move past Mars, Snapchat eradicates hearts and dials down the number of stars everywhere on a planet. It’s a green globe.
  • Neptune: Your eighth-best friend. You don’t hunger to be in your friend’s solar system using Neptune.

Your Snapchat solar system is single to your profile. Your friends and level your BFF can’t get your solar system.

See your friendship shape on a friend’s solar system

Snapchat planets order explained

You can’t check someone’s whole solar system and their best groups list. However, Snapchat offers an option to check if you are one of the planets in your friend’s solar system. Follow the ladders below.

1. Launch Snapchat besides open your friend’s profile.

2. Tap the Best Friends or Friends badge. In addition, check your position in their solar system.

For example, if it displays Mars, you are the creature’s fourth-best friend on Snapchat. There is also a slight change between Best Friends and Friends badges.

A Best Friends badge income you are in their solar system, besides the person is featured in yours. The Friends badge specifies your place in your friend’s solar system, but your friend isn’t contemporary in your solar system.

Snapchat+ keeps in receipt of better

Using friendmojis in a solar system is a natural way to glance over your frequently communicated friends on Snapchat. It’s limited to Snapchat Plus subscribers and requires an active plan. Check our dedicated guide to learn more about Snapchat+.

Now that Snapchat is on the desktop, you can use the web version to continue your talks. It will bring your friends closer to you in the solar system. Read our distinct posts on Snapchat on a PC or laptop.

Is a Snapchat friend’s solar system not working?

Snapchat’s solar system may not be employed if you go to your best friends’ shapes and see no gold ring about their acquaintance status. But that is not unavoidably the case.

In this case, there are only two conceivable explanations. First, you obligation be on their best friend list to see your advert in their solar system. Two, to view Friend Solar Systems. Equally, you and your friend must have a connected Bitmoji


Now, with your scholarly knowledge about the Plus Planets and revenue, look at breaking down My AI on Snapchat and finding birthdays there. Check out the list of Snapchat Plus features to learn whether you should advance your account.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the Snapchat Plus planets in 2024, their meaning, and their order explained.


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